About Us

Install a brand new carpet without breaking the bank. Our owners work closely with distributors to get you the lowest price possible. You will always get a genuine free estimate no strings attached. Call or request an estimate today.

I am an old school installer in business since 1970. We are insured and registered in the state of Minnesota.

Complete Estimates

Never pay extra fees when you use our services. Our estimates include costs for the exact amount of carpet used and the labor required. We are always upfront with you on your prices and the reasons behind them.

Affordable Pricing

Install a brand new floor without breaking the bank when you work with us. Our owners are not in business to make a lot of money, and we try to pass as many savings on to you as possible. We provide you with a job that is broken up into two different areas, resulting in the lowest price.

With our affordable prices, we tend to be less expensive than other contractors are. We have kept the same price structure since 2000, and we work hard to keep costs down.

Contact us in Excelsior, Minnesota, to add or repair a floor covering to your home or office.