Essential Carpet Stretching

When your flooring is in need of a touch up, turn to the team at Dick's Carpet Service LLC in Excelsior, Minnesota. From a carpet stretching to a patching, we take care of any of your repair needs.

Bedroom - Carpet Stretching

No More Stains

Some liquids cause marks that never come out. While we do not perform carpet cleaning, we will cut out certain section to eliminate wears and stains.

Fixed Seams

If your carpet comes loose or unbuckles, call us to fix it. We take care of any of your patching needs, and we work hard to ensure there are minimal complications with your project.


After a big storm, it is essential to remove carpeting before mold can grow. We provide a complete reinstallation after a remodeling project or flood renovation.

Contact us to request our services for your carpet stretching.